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Quantum Telescopy Workshops

Quantum-Enhanced Telescopy Workshop

Held on June 18th, 2023, this workshop was part of the Optica Quantum 2.0 Conference in Denver, CO, taking place the day before the start of the conference. From the conference website:

The angular resolution of conventional very long-baseline interferometry (VLBI) in the optical (visible and near-infrared) spectrum is currently limited by the need to combine coherent optical fields collected by separated telescopes. This becomes impractical over more than a few hundred meters. Recent proposals that utilize quantum resources, such as quantum memories and entanglement, have shown promise to obviate the need to directly combine the signals from separated telescopes and thus enable significantly longer baselines, leading to greatly increased resolution.

     The workshop aims to bring together astronomers and quantum information scientists to discuss the emerging role of quantum technologies for improved astronomical observations. It will highlight current experimental and theoretical progress as well as future areas of research.

Image of the schedule of talks for the workshop.

In addition to Paul Stankus' presentation Toward Large Arrays, Exoplanets, and Gravitational Waves, Raphael Akel Abrahao and Aaron Mueninghoff each presented a poster.

Next Generation of Spectrometers for Quantum-assisted Astronomy

Towards Two-Photon Amplitude Interferometry and its Cosmological Applications


The workshop was a resounding success, generating new connections and discussions around this burgeoning field. A key takeaway was the need for increased involvement with the astronomy community, in order to understand how quantum-enhanced telescopes can best contribute to astrophysics research.
Picture of all workshop attendees