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Quantum Astrometry project studies QIS techniques of two-photon interferometry, which could enable practically arbitrarily large synthesized apertures, opening completely new windows into astrophysical phenomena. We will experiment with several practical implementations of the technique to demonstrate how this can be deployed for cosmological and astronomical measurements derived from precise astrometry of stars and galaxies. 


Our Collaboration

Brookhaven National Laboratory: Raphael Akel Abrahao, Paul Stankus, Anze Slosar, Justine Haupt, Dimitrios Katramatos, Gabriella Carini, Tom Tsang, Stephen Vintskevich, Ning Bao, Julian Martinez-Rincon, Michael Keach, Steven Bellavia, Jesse Crawford

Stony Brook University: Aaron Mueninghoff, Eden Figueroa

National Research Council, Ottawa, Canada: Duncan England, Yingwen Zhang

Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic: Michal Marcisovsky, Peter Svihra, Jakub Jirsa, Sergei Kulkov

EPFL, Switzerland: Edoardo Charbon, Claudio Bruschini, Ermanno Bernasconi, Samuel Burri


This work is supported by the DOE QuantISED program.

Quantum 2.0: Opportunities for DOE National Laboratory-led QuantISED Experiments

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